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Athena Hot Runner

ALLIED INSTRUMENT features hot runner systems by Athena Controls.  We have a large inventory of main frames, temperature control modules, cables, floor stands and accessories to meet all your hot runner needs.  Athena has achieved its reputation as the leader in the field of  “hot runner” temperature control through a series of firsts in the plastics industry.


Athena Main Frames

MFL Mainframes offer the flexibility of 1, 2, 3, 5 to 48 zones of control at 15 amps per Zone. The mainframes support the following control modules: IMP, RMA, RMB, RMC and RMX models which need to be purchased individually for these control cabinets. 

Athena Hot Runner Modules

Athena Controls offers a variety of control modules to meet your needs and your budget. The IMP, RMA and RMT hot runner modules are the simplest to operate. They require no tuning because they have a fixed response time optimized for hot runner tips. These models are best suited to control the temperature for manifolds if the plastic has a reasonably wide processing temperature window. The RMB and RMC hot runner modules have fully tunable PID control, which enables them to maintain tight control of tips or manifolds. We recommend them for use with plastics that have a narrow processing temperature window. 

RMA Hot Runner Module RMB Hot Runner Module RMC Hot Runner Module
IMP Hot Runner Module RMC Hot Runner Module RMX Hot Runner Module



We have cables, mold boxes, and connectors in stock to complete your application. Athena Hot Runner cables are available in 2 standard lengths – 10 foot & 20 foot and are available for 5, 8, and 12 zones.  Mold boxes are also available for 5, 8, and 12 zones. If you need a different cable configuration or mold box just give us a call.  Custom cables and mold boxes are available.

Athena Hot Runner Cables are available in 10 Foot & 20 Foot Lengths

Athena Mold Junction Boxes for 5, 8, and 12 Zones

Connectors for Mold Boxes and For Molds Are in Stock

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