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Hot Runner Mold Box

Allied Instrument manufactures premium custom built mold junction boxes to your specifications. We pay attention to every detail. Components are chosen based on our customer’s application requirements.

At Allied Instrument we are experts in Mold Junction Boxes.
From one to one hundred zones we can take care of your needs. We have in-house metal fabrication capabilities, including drilling, tapping, punching and cutting. Our extensive inventory of connectors and components enable us to deliver anything you require. No matter what type of control system you have, Athena, DME, Fast Heat, Gammaflux, Husky, American MSI, Mold Flow and More we can build a mold box to meet your requirements. We perform complete assembly.

Custom Mold Junction Boxes Made to your Specifications

Mold Boxes are built to your specification using only top quality components. We have connectors for all of the major Hot Runner Mfg’s in stock to meet your delivery needs. All of our boxes have clearly marked terminals and wide wire passages to make it easy for you to install and trouble shoot the tool in the future.

Mold Junction Boxes include the following features…

  • Hoffman enclosures
  • Connectors as specified
  • Wide Wiring Passages
  • Marked Terminal blocks
  • Engraved name tags

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